Viseu Joven 2.0 | Maria G.

January 2020

Viseu, Portugal 

120 Days ESC



A poem from the experience of the volunteer Maria Grigoriou :
You think you have everything figured out
when you wake up one day and realize that you have nothing,
you know nothing,
you don’t know who you are.
Your mind is numb from spinning around rotten ideals
so deeply engraved in your brain,
you’re not even sure that you believe in them anymore;
they are simply there because they have always been.
Looking back, you now see that you have felt this numbness
for much longer than what you have anticipated.
You reach a point when something cracks within your soul,
maybe through a shred of light
which born feelings of liveliness you thought you could never feel again.
You can taste the freedom that change brings along
and you commit to yourself to pursue a new way of being.
There is still hope for a better life,
the life you have always dreamt of,
with the freedom to be your unapologetic self,
and it is a step outside of your comfort zone.
You take the first step doubtful but determined,
suspecting that it will be a long journey filled with hardships and pain,
but knowing that pain is the only way you can grow