Volunteers On Tour | Long Term – Implemented

Long Term | 6 Months Project 180 days

01.06.2019 – 01.12.2019

Project description

3 volunteers were hosted for 6 months in Cyprus, beginning on 01.06.2019 – 01.12.2019

The volunteers were working with us in PlanBe and we were working with each local community for a period of time in order to experience the informal learning of the traditional professions of each village and to help with the preparation of the different agricultural events/festivals in the mountain villages of Cyprus, at Troodos Geopark. The volunteers were interacted both with the youngsters of the rural areas who live in the local community but also with the elder people of the community who were invited to demonstrate traditional professions and recipes related to local products produced in the different villages.

Training during the project

The volunteers helped in supporting and in the organisation of the different festivals regarding traditional professions and homemade products in the different villages in Troodos Geopark like in the Lavender festival in Platres, in the Grape Feast in Koilani and Arsos villages etc. Additionally, the volunteers  created and implemented activities from scratch as for example arts and crafts, traditional ways of making different homemade products and workshops for event planning and management designed especially for NEET youth and youngsters with fewer opportunities

Volunteer profile

Volunteers with fewer opportunities and more specifically young people with economic and geographical obstacles, youth coming from NEET background and strongly encouraged to participate in PlanBe project. Volunteers need to have strong interest in agriculture, elder people, environment and creativity. Our future volunteers are expected to be willing and ready for new challenges and experiences, creative, with no fears for taking responsibilities and willing to work in a team.