We can make a difference!


Paris, France

Training Course


Unemployment has been continuously rising in Europe and has affected dramatically the younger population. At the same time the world has many problems to face like hunger, lack of clean water and many deceases.

Entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool to fight against unemployment but social problems remain unsolved. Social Entrepreneurship is the new way of doing business! The main difference between the two is that social entrepreneurs prioritize social problems over profit.

More than 25 youngsters from France, Russian Federation, Moldova, Italy, Ukraine, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Spain, Poland and Romania received training though non – formal education regarding social entrepreneurship as part of an Erasmus+ training course in Paris, France.

Through the various activities, the participants learnt how to: spot potential problems and solutions, put their business ideas on paper, design a business plan and work in a diversified team.

During the one week training course participants had also the opportunity to get to know each others’ culture and taste some traditional delicacies and drinks while having ‘non – formal’ fun.

Eventually, the course provided fundamental knowledge on how to create a social business and consequently create new jobs and diminish unemployment.

Cyprus participated in the program with a team of 3 persons representing PlanBe, Plan it Be it