Welcome to Tolerance Town

15th – 23rd of September 2018

Eynesil, Turkey

Youth Exchange

“Welcome to Tolerance Town” was a Youth Exchange developed and organized by FutureEurope. The Youth Exchange helded in 15-23 of September and it took place in Eynesil, Turkey, a nice village located next to
Black Sea. 30 participants and 5 leaders from Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, UK and Turkey lived and worked together under amusing and productive circumstances.

The project focused on activities which provided us awareness regarding Islam religion, Islamophobia problems and Antisemitism towards Judaism. Furthermore through the project we had the opportunity to discuss about other
religions. Additionally, thru this Youth Exchange, we had the chance to seek solutions against prejudice towards Islam religion and similar problems towards other religions. The aim of the project was to contribute to the
dialogue between religions by finding out the similarities between the cultures and religions and raising awareness of these similarities. During the project, the social activities stood out, inasmuch they gave us the occasion to socialize with the local people by discovering the city centre, historical places and other beautiful places of Turkey.


The venue was extremely nice and it contributed to the amazing experience that we had. It would be our omission not to mention the amazing view that allowed us to feel concentration and inspiration dur ing the activities and calmness and relaxedness during the leisure time. The Cypriot team had been constituted from 7 different personalities. The most unique was the fact that despite these differences, these personalities perfectly matched to each other. From the very first encounter we felt comfortable between us and this proved thereafter during the activities. Specifically , we won an award for the best cultural night but our biggest reward was the comments that we have received later on from the other participants. Last but not least, we would like to thanks Plan Be for the opportunity that gave us for this amazing experience and very special thanks to Maria Drakou for being there for us.