You(th) 4 Cul/Fu(ture)

7th- 16th of August 2019


KA2 | Training Course




Visiting Moldova was something unique for the Cypriot team. In a week we learned a lot without expecting it. Twelve countries with twelve different cultures was a unique experience for us. From the name activities to the city touring, everything was wonderful. We learned a lot of things, we shared a lot of things and we had an amazing time!

We had sessions that focused on the diffusion of the project’s results through the preparation of Labs to be implemented in our local communities. We were also very enthusiastic in our study visit to ZIP house in the beautiful Moldovan capital. We were excited to discover a concrete example of what entrepreneurship means was visible. It was a doubtless source of inspiration for the group: on the one hand they made us realise the difficulties behind the start of our own business, on the other hand they proved that hard work always repays. After the study visit we had free time, so the group split: someone went to Ethnography Museum or History Museum, some people went for a city tour, exploring the beautiful architecture, and some others visited the largest wine cellar of the world: Mileştii Mici, a 200km long underground structure that hosts more than 1,5mln litres of wine, logging therefore the Guinness world record since 2005.

In conclusion, we hope everyone will have this opportunity to explore Erasmus+ and Learn from the Training Courses.

Keywords: Learn, Share, Do