KA2 Small scale partnership

Objectives :
-To create an international network of partners.
-To increase the capacities of partner organizations related to upcycling activities.
-To teach youth workers different techniques to practice creative upcycling and to Improve the social
and soft skills of the youth workers, such as collaboration, communication, and problem solving.
-To encourage the learning and application of professional and creative skills in the context of
upcycling and art.
-Encourage innovation and recognition of youth work, improve the employability of youth workers.
-Teaching the importance of environmental care and sustainability.

Innovation in the use of upcycling techniques:

The innovation of this project lies in the way creative upcycling is used to teach important skills and
values to young people. Using old bicycle components to create new artistic and functional objects
provides a sustainable way to reuse materials. Using these techniques we want to teach youth and
youth workers to promote the transmission of knowledge and skills in a collaborative way. The main objectives of this project, is to organise upcycling workshops, that promotes creativity, , innovation and sustainability.

Partners :

Colectivo 21 – Zaragoza, Spain
Velorecicla – Agres, Spain
Plan BE PLAN IT BE IT – Nicosia, Cyprus
AVENTURA MARAO CLUBE – Amarante, Portugal

In our first Kick-off Meeting in Agres organised by Velorecicla, we discussed about the objectives of the project, eco-techniques, we brainstormed Ideas. Pablo was kind enough to provide us with hands-on knowledge: how to disassembly a bike and he showed us some of his creations.

Upcycling Ideas using Old Bike Parts :

Check out some pictures from PlanBe’s first Upcycling Workshop. We made a presentation about the project objectives, we got familiar with tools, and we brainstormed ideas using the existing old bike parts! Stay tuned, and more things are on the way!

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