CrossOver | Training in Cyprus


About The project

To develop an innovative empowerment program for students using Sport and Physical Activity (SPA) as a tool to develop skills and key competences with a strong focus on personal, social ad learning to learn competence, promoting school success, promoting social inclusion and preventing Early School Leaving (ESL). Based on a preliminary research, we will create CROSSOVER program through SPA, targeting students aged 12-14, tackling 3 dimensions:

1) Development of personal, social and learning to learn competences such as self-awareness, self efficacy, confidence, motivation, resilience, behaviour management, self-determination, communication, cooperation, conflict management, among others;

2) Exploring cultural awareness and expression competences, fostering intercultural dialogue, diversity and social inclusion;

3) Connecting the dots: using competencies learned through sport in school and life.



The objectives of the training  are expected to be:

– To become aware of the role of a facilitator in the pilot-tests;

– To prepare the facilitators for their role in the pilot-tests implementation;

– To reflect on the program designed;

– To discover specificities of the target group in pilot-tests;

– To understand how to transfer the program to practice;

– To discover tools of Non-Formal Education, facilitation and group management.

– To develop competences in dealing with diversity and in communication.


Participants Profile

The participants in this training activity should be the staff involved in implementing the pilot-test in each country and they must have a FORMAL LINK with the organization (with date before project starts).

Once we have different type of organizations and in order to benefit from their different experiences, profiles and specific expertise and to produce relevant and high quality project results, the number of participants from each country is different:

Cyprus: will involve 2 educators/trainers from the NGO and 2 teachers from school.


Application Form HERE